For those of you who know me, you know I love pairing messy hair with fun, modern makeup.  Sometimes I rock the messy look for a bit longer than most would approve..and sometimes it’s hard to makeup the entire face, so I throw on a good lip-color with my messy ‘do and I’m all set to go. I looove a good lipstick!

Lately, I’m all about the new dark, vampy lip-colors that are popping up in every line of makeup. The dark makeup and slept-in hair that’s gracing many magazine covers are inspired by the grunge fashion of the 90’s (which I actually lived through…some of it unfortunately lol) and the runways of 2015-16. It’s one part 90’s inspo’ mixed with one part modern fashion…and the result? A contemporary, fresh “I rolled out of bed like this” sexiness that is completely effortless. I promise. If you’re looking to stay modern and update your face and hair without a lot of work, read on! Flannel and brown lips not necessary…but highly recommended.

If you already slept on your blowout or you haven’t washed your hair or styled it today, your hair is pretty much done. This look can be achieved on the same day that you shampoo/dry your hair or the next day (or even a couple of days after shampooing!) On wet or dry hair, start with a healthy mist of Evo Root Canal Spray (a volumizing spray) and then rough-dry/style the hair with your fingers. Next, (and this is if you have extra time…it’s not necessary) run a one-inch curling iron through the hair, alternating directions with each strand. The more care-free, the sexier.  For shine, rub a few drops Evo Love Perpetua Shine Drops between your hands and pat it into the hair instead of brushing it through — which would disturb the texture. That’s it! Done and DONE! (This works best on pretty much any length of hair…Pixie cuts can be styled with more texture separation than average…think Michelle Williams undone texture on her pixie from last year.)

Now for the makeup….Take a healthy portion of virgin coconut oil (can be purchased anywhere these days) and cleanse your face ,being careful of the eye area. Why coconut oil? Your face needs moisture and this 90’s glam look works best and showcases better on a natural dewy canvas.  Don’t want to go with coconut oil? No worries…you can still try this out.

Think simple with your foundation. I recommend a beauty balm and a little concealer under the eyes or on blemishes. Pat a little coconut oil on your eyelids and toss the shadow for this look. If you’re using an oil, be careful of your lash’s not fun getting it in your eyes! If you want to omit the oil on the lids, dab a little nude shadow with some shimmer. Both will add to the “I totally woke up like this” glow. Next, throw on some mascara–the spikier and darker the better! Finish with a little highlighter and stay away from too much bronzer, blush or anything that may take away from the impact of the moody lip.

The dark lip color will depend on how dark you’re willing to go.  If you ask me, anything goes when it comes to a lip being the center of your makeup look. From navy blue-based dark red to almost black-brown to deep and shimmery black-as-night-plums…Anything will do as long as you like it! If you’re looking to wear something that suits your skin tone, try it out! Many stores like Ulta and Sephora will give you a good-sized sample of the color you’re looking to rock.  Even foundations, highlighters, etc, can be given in sample sizes for you to try out at home.

Have fun with this trend! It’s a great way to vamp up your fall wardrobe and might I add that a gorgeous, rich fall haircolor is the icing on the cake with the slept-in hair and moody lip!

As always, if you want any extra advice or need help with any trends…ask us! We are here for your beauty, hair and fashion need! Have a great fall! LA LA LOVE YOU ALL! XO, LEAH

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Summer is all fun and sun until you realize you’ve got a sunburned scalp and fried ends. Or, you end up with damp, limp strands because you didn’t check the weather. Yes, just because it’s crop-top season doesn’t mean Mother Nature’s gonna play nice with the forecast. That’s why we’re planning our hair game now for every weather situation she’ll throw at us.

Weather Forecast: Sunny
Hair Problem: Sunburn

We all know to apply a heavy dose of SPF on our face, arms, and legs before hitting up the sun (right?), but there’s one spot we bet you forget all the time, too: your scalp. It’s in plain sight for the sun’s rays, so unless you’re wearing a giant hat all day, every day, you’ll need a hairstyle that can protect your part.

The fix is actually kind of a no-brainer — just don’t part your hair. Pair slicked-back strands with a braid that only goes ’til the middle of your shaft to keep ends looking healthy, and you’ve got a no-fail look for sunny days ahead.

Weather Forecast: Humid
Hair Problem: Frizz

When you’re dealing with sweaty everything and 90% humidity, the last thing you need is frizz and the frustration that comes with it. Yet, somehow, you always end up with both. Well, not if you try a Bantu-knot-inspired fauxhawk. This look not only gets your strands off your sweaty neck (humidity has no mercy), but it also guarantees that you won’t end up with unwanted fuzz the second you step outside.

Weather Forecast: Rainy
Hair Problem: Limp Strands

It doesn’t matter if it’s a light drizzle or a major downpour — rain and hair just don’t mix. We can’t do much about the weather, but we can at least equip you with a braided double-bun hairstyle that’ll keep its shape and structure when Mother Nature throws water your way.

Weather Forecast: Hot
Hair Problem: Sweaty Scalp

When temps start rising, our sweat glands kick into overdrive. Sorry, TMI, but you all know it’s true — when have your shirts not been soaked through this season? That’s why we’re game for anything that (a.) will keep our strands away from our already-sweaty faces and necks and (b.) won’t make us sweat even more as we’re doing it. Enter, this sleek, elevated pony that gets to the root of things.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be At La La Luxe Salon

May 11, 2015

Hi ladies and gents! It’s Leah here. If you know my salon and my philosophy, then you know I can think of way more than 10 reasons why you should be at La La Luxe…but for those of you who are curious about my salon and why La La Luxe has created such a buzz [...]

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Join us as we welcome Victoria Benner to our salon floor! Yay!

February 10, 2015

We are super-excited to welcome Victoria to our salon floor/team! Read her bio below!
Victoria is the latest addition to our team at La La Luxe. She is  highly skilled and deeply passionate about all areas of the beauty industry from styling to coloring and beyond. When she’s not creating gorgeous color, hand-painting highlights or crafting [...]

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Read This Before You Get Bangs!

January 12, 2015

“Should I get bangs?” It’s an eternal question that plagues many of our brains. You’ve probably considered taking the plunge at least once. Well, here’s a friendly PSA from yours truly. The year to make it happen is 2015. Plus, winter — with its cooler temps (no sweaty foreheads) and lack of humidity (see ya, [...]

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Say Hello to FABULOSO! Evo’s New Family of Custom, Deposit-only Color for Fabulously Gorgeous Hair!

October 13, 2014

Hello! We would like to introduce you to Fabuloso! La La Luxe interviewed Mr. Fabuloso, himself so that HE could answer all of the questions that you have about La La Luxe’s newest addition to the EVO Haircare family!
LLLX: So what are you exactly?
Mr. Fab: I’m an awesome, deposit-only, shine-enhancing color that can be mixed [...]

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La La Luxe Welcomes Steven Lester to Our Team!

August 31, 2014

We are so honored and are truly lucky to have Steven join our growing team.  With nearly 20 years experience and career credits that have touched every corner of Providence, Steven has assured his title as one of the modern pioneers of hairstyling in the state and in the industry. Steven started cutting hair 20 [...]

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La La Luxe Salon welcomes Stephanie Shey Rodrigues to our team!

July 11, 2014

We are so happy to announce the addition of Stephanie Shey Rodrigues to our team! With over 14 years of experience in coloring, cutting and styling, Stephanie is an in-demand stylist who is an expert in all elements of her craft.  Naturally gifted and heavily trained in all areas of cutting, coloring, and balayage highlighting, [...]

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Master Beachy Waves with La La Luxe

May 29, 2014

Summer is all about low-maintenance style and natural, barely-there beauty. The heat, humidity, and warm summer rays call for a beauty routine focusing on minimal makeup, a neutral palette, and unfinished, effortlessly-chic strands. My go-to hairstyle for summer is the beachy wave: Simple and quick, a little mess and frizz actually adds to the casual, [...]

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With open arms and open hearts, we embrace Davines and Evo haircare at La La Luxe.

May 7, 2014

Now we can all breathe a little easier with Davines and Evo Haircare at the salon. Literally.
We are so happy and excited to bring you Davines Hair Products (Italy) and Evo Hair Care (Australia). For those of you who knew La La Luxe way back when we first opened and carried Davines, then you will [...]

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