“Should I get bangs?” It’s an eternal question that plagues many of our brains. You’ve probably considered taking the plunge at least once. Well, here’s a friendly PSA from yours truly. The year to make it happen is 2015. Plus, winter — with its cooler temps (no sweaty foreheads) and lack of humidity (see ya, frizz!) — is the perfect time to give the fringe a shot.

If you’ve never been banged, you probably require a little guidance — and maybe some encouragement. So, I asked a few La La stylists for their expert advice on the best look for each face shape and how to style ‘em all, as well as pulled some pics of our favorite fringed muses for inspiration.

Browse below to find the right bangs for you. Then, call La La Luxe— a DIY cut is not the way to start your new year.

Long & Split: Brigitte Bardot
Long bangs that are split down the middle soften square faces. Fluffy texture and volume at the crown only enhances the appeal. The best part? When you put up your hair, it gives your fringe an instant, brand-new allure.

Side-Swept: Emma Stone

Heart-shaped faces look great with a side-sweep. It breaks up the forehead and softens the point of your chin for a more balanced effect.

Extreme Side-Sweep: Taylor Swift
Rounder faces should start their fringe from a far side-part. This adds a sharp line to an otherwise circular face, which helps enhance your jawline and forehead.

Short-Hair Fringe: Michelle Williams
Short-haired ladies look sweet with bangs that are the longest part of the cut. Michelle Williams’ pixie (RIP)  is the perfect example.

Choppy: Kate Moss
The best way to get brow-skimming bangs to remain front and center is to blowdry them downward with a small, flat brush and finish them with a flat iron. I love the piece-y texture on Kate Moss’ fringe here — it feels a little more approachable than a blunt style and more modern than the Bardot center-split.

Short & Textured: Audrey Hepburn
With shorter looks, you’ll need to brush [bangs] from left to right and vice versa with a paddle brush to neutralize any cowlicks.  Audrey’s baby bangs are a style that takes a certain amount of confidence, but it’s not the least bit dated — that easy, feathered bend keeps them totally chic.

Short & Blunt: Rooney Mara
For a blunt fringe à la Ms. Mara, I suggest prepping bangs with shine serum (Evo Love Perpetua shine drops) pre-blowdry. Then, create lightweight definition with Evo Builder’s Paradise spray and a touch of Evo Helmut Light to finish them off without weighing them down. This is a committed style without a doubt, so realize that you will have to play to the graphic, geometric nature of the cut.

Long & Blunt: Beyoncé
With blunt styles, frequent salon trims may become necessary, which may dissuade low-maintenance types. But, the payoff can be spectacular — especially for longer face shapes, who benefit from the balancing effects of a straight-across fringe. Fair warning: Do not try this at home unless you have professional shears, confidence in your abilities, and a steady hand. If your hair pro is your pal, offer her a little bit of an extra tip to help give you some pointers.

Like this post? Like the styles? Ask any of our stylists how YOU can achieve these looks! 401.383.3797

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Hello! We would like to introduce you to Fabuloso! La La Luxe interviewed Mr. Fabuloso, himself so that HE could answer all of the questions that you have about La La Luxe’s newest addition to the EVO Haircare family!

LLLX: So what are you exactly?

Mr. Fab: I’m an awesome, deposit-only, shine-enhancing color that can be mixed into a conditioner base by a La La Luxe certified Fabuloso stylist (and can be purchased and taken home to maintain color at home)…or I can go right on your head for massively beautiful tone, color and sparkle while you’re at La La Luxe! You take your pick! I work well in any situation.

LLLX:  What can you do for my brassy hair?

Mr. Fab: I can make it shine a lot brighter.

LLLX: What can you do for my dull color?

Mr. Fab:  I can make it sparkle and add dimension without any harsh peroxide or ammonia.

LLLX:  Can you clean my house?

Mr. Fab: The only thing I can’t do is clean houses. But as far as your hair goes…I can do anything.

LLLX: Anything?

Mr. Fab: Anything.

LLLX: What is Shine Temptress?

Mr. Fab:  Shine Temptress is an amazing treatment that goes back to the roots of a shine treatment when protein and egg yolks were what women (and men) glazed on their hair along with a beer rinse for fullness (all while sipping a cocktail). This treatment uses NO CHEMICALS or straightening additives and it is NOT A STRAIGHTENING TREATMENT…Just old-fashioned ingredients to smooth the hair shaft. We do recommend wearing the hair straight or styled smoother to really see the results. Shine Temptress is a great addition to a blowout and can humidity-proof the hair.  Shine Temptress takes about 10 minutes so you can be in and out of the salon in no time.  Add a Shine Temptress treatment to your next color! Ask your stylist to add one on to your next service…what ever it is!

And there you have it ladies and gents. Evo is the haircare that we swear by at La La Luxe…and Evo Fabuloso is an amazing addition for maintaining gorgeous color, shine and manageability to any head of hair! Stop by the salon today or visit our instagram page for some fab before’s and after’s! Have more questions? Call Amy, our coordinator or ask Owner, Leah ANY questions…we mean ANY! As always, have a great hair day and LA LA LOVE YOU ALL!~

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La La Luxe Welcomes Steven Lester to Our Team!

August 31, 2014

We are so honored and are truly lucky to have Steven join our growing team.  With nearly 20 years experience and career credits that have touched every corner of Providence, Steven has assured his title as one of the modern pioneers of hairstyling in the state and in the industry. Steven started cutting hair 20 [...]

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La La Luxe Salon welcomes Stephanie Shey Rodrigues to our team!

July 11, 2014

We are so happy to announce the addition of Stephanie Shey Rodrigues to our team! With over 14 years of experience in coloring, cutting and styling, Stephanie is an in-demand stylist who is an expert in all elements of her craft.  Naturally gifted and heavily trained in all areas of cutting, coloring, and balayage highlighting, [...]

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Master Beachy Waves with La La Luxe

May 29, 2014

Summer is all about low-maintenance style and natural, barely-there beauty. The heat, humidity, and warm summer rays call for a beauty routine focusing on minimal makeup, a neutral palette, and unfinished, effortlessly-chic strands. My go-to hairstyle for summer is the beachy wave: Simple and quick, a little mess and frizz actually adds to the casual, [...]

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With open arms and open hearts, we embrace Davines and Evo haircare at La La Luxe.

May 7, 2014

Now we can all breathe a little easier with Davines and Evo Haircare at the salon. Literally.
We are so happy and excited to bring you Davines Hair Products (Italy) and Evo Hair Care (Australia). For those of you who knew La La Luxe way back when we first opened and carried Davines, then you will [...]

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Rose-Gold and Pink-Champagne Hair Color at La La Luxe Salon: Yes, Please!

April 13, 2014

Rose-Gold, Iced Tea, Pink Champagne, Lavender Sorbet…mouth-watering, stone-washed hair-color is all the rage right now…and it’s trendy but  not-to-trendy at the same time.
Celeb’s like Sienna Miller, Blake Lively and the Olsen twins are rocking the new hair color trends known as rose-gold.  The new tonal trend is something that was the offspring of last years [...]

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Spring 2014 Campaign:Spring Awakening. Photographed by Corey Grayhorse, Styled by John Alves, Hair/Makeup La La Luxe. Concept, Leah Carlson and Corey Grayhorse

April 13, 2014

We are SO honored to be able to present to you a sample from a collection of photo’s showcasing a load of talent delivered by a 3-headed monster consisting of Corey Grayhorse, John Alves, Leah Carlson and the team at La La Luxe Salon (Emily Johnston, Ambur Gill and Savanna Osborne).  Most of the fashion [...]

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La La Luxe Welcomes Lindsey Roberts, Stylist and Deva Curl Specialist!

April 10, 2014

We are so honored and excited to announce the addition of stylist and colorist, Lindsey Roberts to La La Luxe! She brings over 7 years of experience, knowledge and expertise to our team.  Certified in the Deva Curl technique, Lindsey has mastered the art of cutting curly, textured and naturally wavy hair.  She is highly [...]

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March 27, 2014

It’s that time of year again! Vote for La La Luxe Salon for RI Monthly’s BEST OF RI! Voting opens April 1st! If you’re loving your hair, then you have us to thank for that! So as a way of saying an EXTRA thank you to us….SHOW US SOME LOVE!  #BESTOFRI on our Instagram, Pinterest, [...]

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